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This summer in Enoshima, the largest beach festival in Japan has become more powerful than ever before! It's the most sensational water festival of all time!

Katase Coast Nishihama,
stage Kugenuma
Opening 10: 00 Close 18: 00


Last year, Toyosu enthusiastically entered 10,000 people, including the "The King's Brunch", a festival called "WATERWARS" that attracted great attention in various media! This year we will rent Enoshima (Katase Kaigan Nishihama · Kugenuma) in summer and power up as the biggest "beach festival" in japan, becoming more powerful than ever before.

WATERWARS 2016 After Movie

This year we will rent Enoshima (Katase Kaigan Nishihama · Kugenuma) in summer and power up as the biggest "beach festival" in japan, becoming more powerful than ever before.

Features of WATERWARS

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1Private beach festival renting Enoshima Beach in the midsummer.

That is correct, this year's WATERWARS is at the Enoshima Beach! (Katase coast Nishihama · Kugenuma) Expected attendance will be over 10,000 people at this event.

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2Mobilizing at numerous watering festivals & having the best quality with most attendance, WATERWARS claims to be the No.1 most popular "Watering Festival" in Japan.

Last year, the event was featured in numerous media, monopolizing the topic throughout social media.

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3Famous artists from Japan and abroad appeared at the last years festival, popular DJ such as Wolfpack and SODA were sensational, exciting the audience as they performed on stage.

The upcoming artists of this year will be released soon! The highly celebrated LIVE ACT and DJ will make the beach festival hot this year, so don't miss it!

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4"Water Canon" 3m Super Robot "WATERWARSMAN" is attending as well.

The WATERWARSMAN turned into a 3 meter tall robot last year and launched the water gun. The water canon exploded too!

Artist Lineup

Official supporter

Mr. Masaya Yamagishi is appointed as the official supporter, the winner of 2016 Mr. Japan pageant.

Originating from Shonan and Enoshima, Masaya is the first Japanese contestant to win second place in the Mister International Pageant! (2016) Come support the first local hosting festival together!


A message from the official supporter


The world's largest head wear & apparel brand, also a street fashion icon, collaborate with WATERWARS to bring you the most enjoyable water festival yet held, models appearance expected too!

WATERWARS x New Era コラボ

From June 2017, we decided to offer a gift campaign to receive customers tickets for WATERWARS BEACH FESTIVAL 2017 ENOSHIMA to the first purchases of more than 6,500 yen at the New Era shops in Tokyo and Kanagawa!

Details will be announced in the official SNS accounts soon.

Official Goods

We sell original merchandises unique to WATERWARS at the venue.

Venue map

* Venue facilities may be changed.
* Only those who purchase private beach area tickets can enter the sea.


Extremely early Tickets "With T-shirt" Sold Out May 10th (Wed) - May 21st (Sun)
Limited Original T-shirt included
*sold out
Early Tickets Sold Out May 22nd (Mon) - June 25th (Sun)
* Please understand that it will be discontinued as soon as the planned number of sheets is sold even during the sales period. We recommend purchasing as soon as possible.
※ Please check your notes before purchasing
*sold out
Advance Tickets 1,500OFF !!¥7,000 June 26 (Mon) - August 5th (Sat)
To purchase

Please check your notes before purchasing

Wowful Collaboration Ticket 1,500OFF !!¥7,000 July 11 (Tue) - August 5th (Sat)
※ Wowful Collaboration sunglasses included
To purchase

Please check your notes before purchasing

Group discount Tickets Sold Out June 26 (Mon) - July 31th (Mon)
※ For 4 people ticket
*sold out
Tickets for the day ¥8,500 It will be sold at the venue on the day. There is no sale on WEB.
Junior high / high school student tickets ¥3,900 May 15th (Mon) - August 5th (Sat)
※ Please present your student ID card on that day.
To purchase

Please check your notes before purchasing

Elementary school student ticket ¥3,000 May 15th (Mon) - August 5th (Sat)
※ Parents company is required
※ Entrance free for elementary school students
To purchase

Please check your notes before purchasing

>> How to buy junior high / high school / elementary school tickets


Option ticket※ Please purchase admission tickets separately

First-come, first 20 groups 40 people only With private beach.

WATERWARS exclusive beach enjoying swimming at sea Private beach area only!

With privilege that you can relax and enjoy the sea of Enoshima Island.

  • Private beach
  • Swimming in a private area
  • Priority entry
  • With champagne
Parasol & Bed Area S seat [pair] ¥40,000 < First-come-first-served basis for 40 people only >
Beach umbrellas & Summer bed included With champagne
* It will be a pair ticket for 1 pair of 2 people.
To purchase
Parasol & Bed Area A Sheet [Pair] ¥30,000 < First-come-first-served basis for 40 people only >
Beach umbrellas & Summer bed included With sparkling wine
* It will be a pair ticket for 1 pair of 2 people.
To purchase





-- WWBF 2017 ENOSHIMA --

Main publication media

Frequently asked questions

Q.What kind of a event is it?
WATERWARS is a summer festival where children and adults can enjoy the water themed event unique to summer. It is an event that participants can enjoy extraordinary experiences that you can not usually do, including the music stage.
In addition, there are booths for various stores and entertainment for guaranteed summer fun. Details will be updated on the website.
Q.Do you sell the same day ticket?
If the prescribed number of advance tickets sold out, there is no sale of the same day ticket. We recommend purchasing early tickets. The tickets will be sold only in cash.
Q.If the event is canceled would I get a refund?
Please understand that there will be no refunds.
Q.Can children participate?
On safety management, children under elementary school age are admitted only when accompanied by parents.
Participants under the age of 20 must participate after obtaining the consent of their parents. We assume that parental consent was given at the time of purchasing the ticket.
Q.Can I re-enter?
Re-entry is allowed during the festival.
Q.What should I wear?
Please wear clothes you don't mind getting wet. Towels are highly recommended as well as change of clothes.
Q.What should I do with the valuables such as mobile phones and wallets?
Because it is highly likely to get wet, we recommend that you protect your valuables with a waterproof pouch etc. Waterproof pouch is on sale at the venue. Please manage your valuables such as mobile phones and wallets yourself, we can not assume any responsibility such as lost, stolen or broken items.
Q.Is it possible to bring water guns and floating rings?
Although it is possible to bring in the basics, there is no provision of air infiltration of carrying-in float to the venue, so please bring your own if needed. There are also original goods selling booths at the venue.
Q.Is it possible to bring food and drinks?
Bringing food and drinks into the venue is prohibited. Please purchase them at the food and drink booths at the venue.
Q.Do you sell alcohol at the venue?
Yes we will be selling alcohol at the event.
Presenting your proof of identification card is required at the entrance.
※ Drinking under the age of 20 is strictly prohibited, so please note that we will ask you to leave as soon as we find out.
Q.Are there cloaks and lockers?
Coin lockers are prepared at the venue.
*Please manage your valuables such as mobile phones and wallets. We will not assume any responsibility such as lost, stolen or broken items.
Please keep the key of the locker with you.
*If you lose your key, we will ask you to pay 5,000 yen.
Q.Are there any changing rooms?
There are no changing rooms nor a shower room. Please dress in clothes you can get wet in in advance such as a swimsuit. If you wish to change at the beach, please use the nearby sea house.
Q.Is there a parking lot at the venue?
There is a parking lot in the vicinity, but congestion is expected, we recommend you visit by public transportation.
Q.Is it possible to take photos inside the venue?
Taking picture in the venue is possible. Please be careful not to disturb the use of self-shooting sticks, tripods etc.
Q.Can I bring tents, umbrellas, tables or chairs?
Bringing in such items are prohibited, we will be banning guests that do so. The use of the leisure seat is also prohibited.
Q.Can I bring speakers?
Since it will interfere with the production effect, the use of speakers is also prohibited.
Q.Can I smoke in the venue?
Smoking is only allowed in the smoking area, even with a portable ashtray.
Q.What should I do if I feel sick in the hall?
Please notify the nearby staff for any reason health related, we will assist you in any way we can.
Q.Can I go with to the festival with a pet?
Admission to the event with pets are prohibited.
Q.Are there any plans to host an event outside of this venue?
It is currently under consideration. We will announce it on the official website when decided.
Q.Are tattoos prohibited?
Tattoo exposure is prohibited. Please correspond so others cannot see by wearing a jacket such as rash guard, T-shirt, etc.

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